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We are capable of fixing any kind of a phone, manufactured by any brand!
Water or Ice Dispensers
Water not dispensing, ice not forming or any other problems - we will fix your water or ice dispenser!
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Washing Machine Vibrating
Occasionally springs will become damaged, stretched or detached which can cause excessive noise and vibration from your washer during the spin cycle.
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Ice Build Up
If the ice build up is only happening in the freezer, the freezer drain is probably clogged. A broken seal can also create ice build up.
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Repairing Filters
The repair or replacement of appliance filters can improve the efficiency of the machine, as well as give it a longer life span.
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Repairing Heating Plates
We test the thermostat and the thermal fuse and replace if necessary. We can also test the heating element and replace it if it is faulty.
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Re-gassing Fridges
A fridge or freezer is a sealed system and will only need to be re-gassed if it has a leak, the gas line is blocked, or the compressor is damaged.
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If you don't know what exactly went wrong...

During the last few years, most people in the local area who were looking for a place to repair their smartphone relied upon us! When both of our young founders just graduated from the MIT university, they've had an idea of a new type of business to set up. Originally from the Deep South's Alabama, they knew just how few IT & hardware specialists and repairmen are there in the state.
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